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Children Friendly Torah Videos

How would you summarize Judaism in one or two sentences? Is it about keeping laws and commandments? If so, is becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah - and becoming a full fledged Jewish adult - really just about obligations?

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Bar And Bat Mitzvah Preparation Course

Torah and Science

Why Aren’t Dinosaurs Mentioned in the Torah?

Rabbi David Fohrman 8 min video

Can Science Prove That God Exists?

Rabbi David Fohrman 12 min video

Love and Humility

Do I Have to Get Along with Everyone?

Beth Lesch 14 min video

The Bible’s Definition Of Humility

Rabbi David Fohrman 16 min video

Laws and mitzvot

Why do Jewish people only eat Kosher food?

Immanuel Shalev 23 min video

The Meaning Of Brachot?

Ami Silver 9 min video

The Real Meaning Of Chametz

Rivky Stern 15 min video

Did God Really Need to Rest? Shabbat's Role in Judaism

Rabbi David Fohrman Part 1 of 4 8 min video

The Meaning And Purpose Of Refraining From Work On Shabbat

Rivky Stern 13 min video

More Torah Insights

The Connection Between Noah And The Story Of Creation

Rabbi David Fohrman 13 min video

The Meaning Of Kel Shakkai

Beth Lesch Part 1 of 2 13 min video

Can We Truly Walk Closely With God?

Rabbi David Fohrman 9 min video

The Meaning Of Melacha And Creation On Shabbat

Rabbi David Fohrman 11 min video

What Does It Mean To Be a Rebel For God?

Rabbi David Fohrman 26 min video


A Hidden Story For Teachers In The Genealogy Of Moses And Aaron

Rabbi David Fohrman 12 min video