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Aleph Beta videos are for every type of teacher, leader, and learner who seek to strengthen their love of Torah. As an Aleph Beta Educator you’ll have an entire library of Torah videos at your fingertips. Teachers from all over the world use our videos to provide meaningful insight for their students within each video, as Rabbi Fohrman seeks to uncover the beauty behind the Torah. The courses are designed to fit seamlessly into your current curriculum and empower teachers and students to claim ownership of the text thorugh active learning and passionate debate with the Torah’s great questions. Each videos wrestles with profound and plaguing questions, with which every student struggles: “Does God hear my prayers?, Is there a God?, How does God speak to me today?”

An Aleph Beta classroom never stops growing - partner with us in creating a revolution in learning.

In-Class Learning

You may choose to use a video in one entire session. You can prepare the class with some introductory material before the video is shown and then pause the video at critical points within the video to foster discussion and active learning. At the end of the video, you can unpack the content and help students apply it to their own lives. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this endeavour -- our teacher guides and lesson plans help you do just that!


You may choose to assign the videos for homework and unpack the lesson in class the next day. This gives you the ability to work on the skills and tools brought up in the video. It will also help you enable your students to gain unpack the rich spiritual meaning within each video.

Blended Learning

Split your class into groups and prompt them with questions to unpack the video together. After the groups are done, your class can have a lively discussion comparing and contrasting their thoughts and ideas.

Educational Materials

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