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Podcast Producer - Freelance to Full Time

Freelance Podcast Producer

About Us:

Aleph Beta is a nonprofit media company dedicated to helping people discover the beauty, meaning, and relevance of Torah. Our animated videos and sleekly produced podcasts take audiences on a journey of discovery through close readings of the text itself, showing firsthand how the Torah isn’t just a rulebook or a storybook, but a guidebook containing profound wisdom for our everyday lives. 

We care about rigorous and deep Torah study but we aren’t just a research or educational institution for a reason. We believe that the most meaningful Torah study resonates on multiple layers – intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. And we try to bring out those layers in our content. So, hand in hand with topnotch textual analysis, we try to create content with strong arcs, burning questions and conflicts that speak to our listeners, and a good amount of genuine personality. We want our content to be as engaging and compelling to listen to as your favorite podcast. Not as a way to sugarcoat Torah so it’s not boring, but because we believe Torah isn’t boring, it’s rich with the wonders and struggles of real life.

We are seeking to expand our podcast offerings. But we have a problem. Our research is grounded in rigorous textual analysis and features complex arguments and nuanced takeaways - not your typical podcast content. That is where you come in. 

We’re looking for a podcast producer with excellent editorial skills and a masterful sense of storytelling to create podcasts that delight our listeners and engage our audience. 

What you’ll be doing: 

Our recording sessions are really chavruta sessions - spontaneous and meandering. But your superpower is your ability to listen to hours of audio and identify the argument and core structure to craft a compelling episode. You are deeply empathetic to our listeners and have a great ability to clarify complex ideas in a way that is accessible and enjoyable. 

Your responsibilities: 

  • Work with scholars to create compelling podcast episodes that are clear and enjoyable 
  • listen to hours of tape and choose the most compelling content 
  • Outline and storyboard audio conversations. Identify the core story/structure, and the key elements including hook, argument, evidence, and takeaway. 
  • Spot points of confusion and draft narrative inserts that seamlessly integrate with the scholar’s presentation
  • Provide suggestions to our audio engineer for what to cut and shift while simultaneously staying to the scholar’s intent and ensuring a smooth conversational flow

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Experience as an editor.
  • Formal or informal experience working with media as an editor/producer is preferred, but we’re open to hearing about your relevant experience and we can train you in our programs, such as Descript.
  • Experience turning complex and long ideas into accessible, enjoyable segments 
  • Deep familiarity with Aleph Beta’s content, especially our podcasts 
  • You’re an avid Podcast listener - you enjoy listening to different types of podcasts and have an ear for what makes a podcast great
  • A high-level background in Torah study and a love for sharing Torah
  • You have a passion for storytelling and great writing skills
  • You possess a deep familiarity with Aleph Beta’s methodology, or you have a high-level Yeshiva background that will enable you to learn quickly. You love Torah study and you have experience learning Torah texts in depth. 

***Experience with editing audio for podcasts is not an absolute requirement – we’re open to hearing about your related experience and why you think your skills are relevant. 

Please submit your resume and a cover letter to  outlining your relevant experience and why you are interested in joining Aleph Beta. Our hiring process is designed to ensure that we find the right fit for both the company and the candidate. For candidates who will move forward in our hiring process, you can expect a screening interview and a trial project for which you will be compensated. Successful candidates from the trial project may be offered freelance work, allowing us to evaluate long-term fit before offering a full-time position.