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How to Read Torah: A live series on Torah study methodology

Interactive course led by Rabbi Fohrman

Don't just believe the Bible is profound, know it!

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Empower your Torah learning through this 8 week interactive seminar that gives you the skills and techniques to mine the depths of the Torah text for yourself.

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8 weeks | June 25 - Aug 20

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8.00-9.15pm ET

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Your curiosity, your thirst for wisdom, and your love for Torah could help shape the future of Biblical learning. Aleph Beta’s mission is to enable people to fall in love with the Torah’s beauty, meaning, and relevance.
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As a Patron of Aleph Beta, you’ll do more than just support our mission - you’ll become an integral part of it.

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Interactive Live Courses

Interactive Live Courses

Dive deep into topics that intrigue, enlighten, and challenge your perception of life, Torah, and everything in between. From Aleph Beta methodology to explorations of parenting, recovering from trauma, or even the meaning of life, you'll have a front-row, participatory seat to some of the most profound learning experiences you can imagine.

Shiny New Things Webinars

Shiny New Things Webinars

As a Patron, you get to join Rabbi Fohrman live as he develops his latest Torah research while he's still in the process of refining it. You're not just learning a "shiny new thing," you're participating in its creation!

In-Person Gatherings & Events

In-Person Gatherings & Events

Ever wanted to shmooze with Rabbi Fohrman in the flesh? Meet up for dinner in Israel or for drinks in New York? Want to outsmart Rabbi Fohrman in a trivia game night? Or learn with him live, in person? Opportunities like these can pop up throughout the year, and as a patron you'll always be on the invitation list.

Biblical Hebrew Course

Biblical Hebrew Course

Unlock the secrets of the Torah in its original language with our semester-long beginner and intermediate Biblical Hebrew courses.

Concierge Service

Concierge Service

A dedicated customer-service agent will field your calls and help you with any Aleph Beta-related issue. Also, have your burning Torah questions answered by our Scholars or even Rabbi Fohrman himself!

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We’re not funded by any multimillion dollar gifts from mega-philanthropists. Aleph Beta exists because of people like YOU!

Being a Patron of Aleph Beta’s inner circle is about more than just access to exclusive perks. It’s about joining a community of passionate supporters who are investing in our mission! Your partnership fuels our creativity and helps free us of the need to fundraise, so we can focus on what we do best: developing high-quality Torah content.

And here’s the real magic: We know life is busy. You might not always be able to dive into every course. And that’s okay. Your membership isn’t merely about the benefits you receive. It’s about the difference you make. Every Patron membership – whether used once a day or once a year – is helping to foster profound, Torah-rooted transformations for countless learners across the globe.

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84% of every dollar Aleph Beta receives goes toward- making and sharing Torah content.

Hours of Torah Consumed Daily


Hours of Torah Consumed Daily

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Countries Our Users Come From

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Weekly Podcast Listeners

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Videos in Our Library

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Total Minutes Watched

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Feedback from our Patrons

We just love Aleph Beta. My wife is a Bible researcher and came across Aleph Beta as a reference in another podcast. It is some of the most brilliant content that we have ever heard...

Andrew Martin

Aleph Beta user

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