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The Unity of the Torah Shown Through Chiasms

Rabbi Fohrman on the Documentary Hypothesis

The Documentary Hypothesis claims that the Torah is a compilation of many manuscripts with several authors. Aleph Beta Methodology is a rebuttal to this claim - intertextuality, chiasms that span through many different sections of the bible - these and much more are a natural way to disprove the Documentary Hypothesis. In this short audio clip, Rabbi Fohrman discusess at length how his work organically takes the offense against these false claims, and how he rebuts the Documentary Hypothesis.

For more on this, take a look at A Tale of Two Names: Elokim and YHVH, a dynamic audio lectures series with Rabbi Fohrman that delves into Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 and demonstrates how these two texts are proof of how the Torah is a unified book with one author - God.

Rabbi David Fohrman

Founder and Lead Scholar






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