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Prayer In Judaism

How can we begin to understand the majestic, intense and complicated experience of conversing with God? One way is to look closely at the prayers themselves and their sources in the Torah.

FEATURED VIDEORefa'einu: Prayer, Sefirah and Healing from Trauma
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Refa'einu: Prayer, Sefirah and Healing from Trauma
Introduction to Kabbalat Shabbat
Introduction to Kabbalat Shabbat

Rabbi David Fohrman Part 1 of 9 54 min video

shacharit jewish morning prayer
Making Sense of: Morning Prayers

Rabbi David Fohrman Part 1 of 6 11 min video

The Meaning Of Hannah’s Prayer

Rabbi David Fohrman Part 1 of 4 8 min video

The Meaning of Sabbath Prayers

Rabbi David Fohrman Part 1 of 3 1 hour, 6 min video

The Meaning of Hallel

Rabbi David Fohrman Part 1 of 7 56 min video


The Meaning Of Brachot?

Ami Silver 9 min video

Why It Is Important To Pray

Immanuel Shalev 13 min video

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