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Social Media Producer - Freelance to Full Time

Social Media Producer

About The Job

In short? We’re looking for someone with a gift for identifying the juiciest content from our library, and producing new content leveraging our scholars, and sharing it on social media. The intent is to share incredible Torah with the masses for the purpose of attracting and engaging a larger audience for Aleph Beta. 

Hi, I’m Imu, our CEO, breaking in here a little unconventionally to give you the story behind this job. Aleph Beta has spent many years developing a beautiful paywalled library – sort of like a garden behind big gates, walls, some barbed wire, attack dogs, and circling helicopters. Putting our content behind a paywall served us well when we were a young organization - it ensured  that we had a stable source of  revenue to support the work that we do. But now, thank God, we’re in a position to lower those gates a bit, to share the wonderful resources we’ve spent years building with the wider world. Because we believe that learning Torah like this really changes people. It helps them fall in love with Torah and alters their relationship with God, with others, with the world, and with themselves. We’re passionate to share it, and it will be up to you to help us do that. 

And we’re not entirely altruists. Giving away more of our content for free on Aleph Beta could also fuel the growth of our organization. And yet, when we do marketing here at Aleph Beta, I think that it's love, passion, and enthusiasm for the brand that “sell.” If you’re only a talented and successful social media professional, I'm not convinced that you’ll be able to enthusiastically share our Torah with our audience.

On the other hand, if you know what we do and you love it, and you’ve got a background in social media or in a creative field – well then, this job just may be for you.

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for someone who has a knack for creativity and is also a great editor and producer to generate compelling content for our socials. And how would you do this? 

  1. Editing and adapting existing material from our vast library: You’d identify interesting pieces of content and work with a video editor, animator, designer, and other staff to adapt that content to make a compelling Instagram story, TikTok video, or YouTube video. 
  2. Producing the Torah content or thought leadership of existing Aleph Beta scholars: You’d work with me, Rabbi Fohrman, and other scholars, pushing us and co-inventing content with us.

General Responsibilities

  • Create engaging content for all platforms by: 
  • - Leveraging Aleph Beta scholars 
  • - Leveraging a major library of existing Aleph Beta content
  • - Creating and adapting new content
  • - Collaborating with the animation team to create trailers and other animated content 
  • Manage Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts, and look toward exploring a presence on Linkedin, X and TikTok
  • Plan and manage a social-media calendar 
  • Track engagement and metrics to assess what performed the best and consider how we can improve

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience and success in social media, demonstrated by a portfolio or linked socials
  • A deep understanding of Aleph Beta content 
  • Incredible producing skills: You have an instinct for what kind of content is compelling and how to seduce someone to stop scrolling and to engage in deep content
  • Sharp editorial instincts: you can listen to an in-depth piece of content and zero in on the burning question or meaningful idea that’s really at its heart
  • Aware of social-media trends and how to wield various platforms to encourage engagement with Torah

    Our hiring process is designed to ensure that we find the right fit for both the company and the candidate. For candidates who will move forward in our hiring process, you can expect a screening interview and a trial project for which you will be compensated. Successful candidates from the trial project may be offered freelance work, allowing us to evaluate long-term fit before offering a full-time position.

    This position is full-time and can be done anywhere in the world (remotely). If you think you’re a good fit, please email a cover letter, resume, and list of your major social-media successes with links to relevant posts or content to Please be sure to put your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line.